How to Reset the Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) Light

Part of what makes modern vehicles so safe is the vast array of sensors and computers that keep an eye on nearly every system in your car. From oil pressure to wheel speed, your car is watching just about everything and will let you know right away if something is amiss. Most of these sensors need to be reset by a professional after a repair is completed, but this is not the case for the tire pressure monitor system (TPMS).

How Does TPMS Work?

TPMS is responsible for keeping track of the air pressure in your vehicle’s tires. Sensors in the tires are programmed to accept a certain range of pressures, and if the sensor reads low a light will pop up on your dashboard, notifying you to check them. This early warning system helps prevent you from driving on tires with low pressure, as this can impact handling and braking. Fixing a leaking tire before it goes completely flat can also save you money, as driving on the rim will not only destroy the tire, it can damage the wheel as well.  In some cases, the light can come on when a problem is not present, such as in cold weather (cold temperatures make air more dense, reducing the perceived pressure in the tire and triggering a false warning).

How Do I Reset the TPMS Light?

If your TPMS light comes on and you resolve the problem, it will need to be reset. Typically, a repair shop will complete this for you, but it can be forgotten. There are a few ways you can do it yourself.


After verifying the pressure in all your tires is where it needs to be, going on a drive (around 10 minutes at 50 mph) can reset the light. Just get on the highway and go for a cruise!


Inflate all your tires to 3psi over the recommended pressure, then deflate them completely. Inflate to the proper pressure. Don’t forget the spare!

Close-up of valve stem on wheel

TPMS Reset Button

On some vehicles, there is a physical button that will store the current tire pressures and turn off the TPMS light. Check your owner’s manual to find the location, which depending on the car may be in an obscure place. For example, the TPMS reset button on many Volkswagens is in the glove box

Reset TPMS Through the Console

More modern vehicles sometimes have the ability to reset the TPMS through the center console computer instead of a physical button. Check your owner’s manual to see where you can access this setting. 

Disconnect the Battery

Disconnecting the battery is another trick to reset the TPMS system. It’s important to be careful while doing this. If you don’t feel comfortable messing with the battery, leave it to a professional or try another trick on this list. 

Car battery in engine bay

Bring your Car to a Shop

If you are having trouble resetting your TPMS light, bringing your car to a professional is a surefire way of getting it fixed. A technician will be able to quickly reset the system and get the light off for you. 

TPMS Service at Beachlers Vehicle Care and Repair

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