Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson
23:12 31 Dec 23
J.P. GizhoskiJ.P. Gizhoski
15:40 21 Dec 23
Great honest repair shop very fair. Not to many shops like this one around any more. Tyler was great through the entire process.
Dan GrayDan Gray
05:12 21 Dec 23
Beachlers has been servicing our family's vehicles for many years. Top-notch technicians for minor repairs and service to more complicated work. They are very thorough and do just the work that needs to be done. They don't perform unnecessary services when your car is in the shop. My car is done right the first time, every time.Beachlers also offers quick oil changes, new tires and pit stops for quick checks on air, fluids etc for returning customers.Family owned for three generations.
Beth ZiglarBeth Ziglar
23:43 18 Dec 23
Kyle WilkinsonKyle Wilkinson
18:18 15 Dec 23
We had a great experience with some repairs at Beachler recently. Working with Adam was a breeze. He was very thorough with explaining issues to us and what the issues meant to the life of the vehicle. Estimates were detailed and thorough, prices seemed fair, and the work was done quickly and well. Everyone with whom we interacted was pleasant and kind. I will be using this shop exclusively for my vehicles in the future!
17:03 01 Nov 23
I had an issue with a truck that recently had the top end of the engine rebuilt (not bebuilt at Beachlers). Thinking it was a misfire due to the timing being off, I took it to Beachlers. The timing was only off by a few degrees, and they fixed it, although that didn't fix the original problem. Since that didn't resolve the issue, they kept looking and found it was due to a bad part from the rebuild.Any other place would have washed their hands of it once they fixed the timing and forced another appointment to resolve the rest. Not only did they resolve the issue I took it in for, they found what the actual problem was. The extra initiative to solve the real problem was something few places would be willing to do. Beachlers is the first place I will go for anything significant with any of my vehicles in the future.
Joe MorrisonJoe Morrison
21:43 10 Aug 23
Very professional and thorough with everything! Had my car in as it was having coolant leakages, and Brett was very communicative and upfront about everything that they were doing and why they were doing it. Honestly, never experienced this level of service at any other auto repair center.

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