When that temperature gauge begins to climb to a worrying level, most people immediately assume they must have a coolant leak; and in a large portion of circumstances, this is the correct assumption. However, a lack of coolant isn’t the only thing that can lead to dangerous heat buildup. Other Possible Causes of Overheating Though […]

One of the most commonly overlooked maintenance services is the humble tire rotation, which is simply a missed opportunity to get more life and performance from an already expensive set of tires under your vehicle. Tire rotations are one of the easiest services you can do to improve the efficiency and performance of your vehicle […]

It’s common knowledge that oil is a necessity in vehicles. It provides crucial lubrication and cooling to the complex components within your engine. So when you notice the level of your oil motor oil decreasing, it’s no doubt a worrying sight. In many cases, this is the result of a leak that will accumulate in […]