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Book: Beachlers Guide To Vehicle Care & Repair

Brett Beachler recently published a book on vehicle care & repair. The reason is simple: it allows us to convey information shared during Beachlers Car Care Clinics and Beachlers Lunch ‘N Learns in a print form. We have sold many copies to parents and grandparents seeking to share this information with young drivers and soon-to-be drivers!

Our book sells for $10 in store and $17.95 on Amazon.

Highlights Include:
What services “Not To Purchase” in the automotive maintenance & repair industry (Aptly named Wallet Flushes!)
Vehicle operational costs explained (excellent for young driver’s!)
Learn the philosophies and principles of Beachlers Vehicle Care & Repair
A “How To” for minor vehicle operations such as: Jump-starting a vehicle, Changing a Flat Tire, How To Purchase A Used Vehicle, and much more valuable information

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Beachlers Guide to Vehicle Care and Repair

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